Feb 26, 2021 • 23M

My first year as VP Product at Netflix

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Gibson Biddle
I answer lots of questions in my "Ask Gib" product newsletter on Substack. Sometimes I talk about these answers more fully, along with fun stories & examples.
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Welcome to an exclusive podcast for “Ask Gib” subscribers.

I’ve been reflecting lately on two past questions:

Plus, a question I haven’t answered yet:

  • “How do you approach your first 90 days?”

To go deeper on the above, I describe, in-depth, my first year at Netflix.

This podcast will help product leaders to succeed in their first year in any role. You’ll learn to:

  • Discover what your job really is,

  • Build focus against 3-4 critical projects, and

  • Deal with mistakes.

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Gibson Biddle

PS. Here’s an essay about how I found my Netflix job: It’s called, “How to Find a Great Job.”