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This sounds similar the approach I used to find my first product management role. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141004134541-9712645-how-i-got-my-first-valley-based-product-management-job-in-5-weeks

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Awesome Gib!

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Very helpful! I love how you shared this story. Quick question: how did you ask people to meet with you in step 2 without it being too transactional?

I'm guessing it's you wanting to meet other product leaders. Or were you upfront that you were looking for a new role and you're meeting with recruiters, product leaders, and CEOs?

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I’ve consistently used variations of the below in the past, and got me a fair conversion rate:

“Hi [name], hope you’re doing well. [Add a short reference of something or a moment you two have shared, so it’s not obvious it came from a template and you’re appealing to their favour].

Would you be free for a quick 15-min chat [or cup of coffee] some time next week or the one after?

I’m in the middle of this career change and would be delighted to ask you about your experience X, and your take on Y, as that’s the area I’m most interested in.

I am happy to come to you, or Zoom if we can’t meet in person.

Looking forward to it.

Cheers/All my best,

[Your name]”

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Ooo that's a good one! Thanks for sharing, Vitor.

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Great tips and strategies in finding what you want, thanks Gib for sharing your experience, really helpful!

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