Sitemap - 2021 - Gibson Biddle's "Ask Gib" Product Newsletter

"Ask Gib" question: "What's your deepest insight about teamwork?"

Do your product strategy frameworks work for startups?

Can you provide insight into how you work with product discovery?

"Ask Gib": How did you decide that you are a builder, not a starter?"

Summer Reading

Five Answers to Questions About Product Vision & Roadmaps

A Brief History of Netflix Personalization (Part Two, from 2007 to 2021).

A Brief History of Netflix Personalization (Part One, from 1998 to 2006)

3 Answers to 3 Questions

Have you found Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys helpful in building products?

How do you establish product metrics to evaluate success?

What's your focus during your first 90 days as Head of Product?

What do you think about project-based roadmaps versus outcome-based (metric-based) roadmaps?

3 Answers to 3 Questions

What did your early experience with outdoor leadership and experiential education teach you that you later applied to product work?

What are your top tips for a Product Leader resume/CV?

What do you do if you’re unhappy with your job?

Ask Gib: "Other than 1:1s & quarterly strategy meetings, what tactics do you recommend to ensure Product/Design are aligned, on-track & thinking strategically?"

My first year as VP Product at Netflix

How do you think about and measure brand strength?

What’s the right way to ask for a promotion in product? (E.g. Senior PM to Director)

Do you have any advice for non-technical Product Managers?

What leader(s) over your product career truly changed how you approach product management?

Ski week in Bend, Oregon

Does Psychological Safety Inspire or Impede Innovation?

Have you a method for taking a product strategy and translating it into an OKR set? What are the best practices and things to avoid from your experience?

What was the hardest PM skill for you to develop? Why?

When and how do you fire a bad PM? After 3 strikes? What if he/she lives the culture but doesn't deliver, or the other way around?

How do you convince your CEO that culture is “money?”

What are examples & characteristics of good partnerships between product managers & product marketers?

What is the best way to justify experiments and innovations that may not necessarily link to the company's or org's OKRs?

How do you build up skills in product strategy?

What advice would you give to a product manager in the very first year of their job?

How do you connect and ask your "personal board of directors" to help you?

For a content product, how do you let the content team and product team collaborate better? e.g., which team decides what shows on/what's the algorithm for frontpage?

What was the difference for you coming from a scaleup like Netflix to a startup like Chegg when it came to implementing the product strategy?